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Our agency provides a full range of legal services in the following areas of the intellectual property rights field:

1. Mediation in registration of proprietary and non-proprietary intellectual property rights:

    - Preparation of applications and patent acquisition for the patent law objects: inventions, utility models and industrial designs (for all objects concerning production and production technology of the subjects of entrepreneurial activity);
    - Preparation of applications and certificate acquisition for the copyright objects: computer programs, databases, works of music and literature, works of science and art etc.;
    - Preparation of applications and certificate (patent) acquisition for the business entities and their productions designation: corporate designations and trademarks (marks for goods and services), labels, package etc.
    - Paperwork on objects concerning commercial secrets (know-how);
    - Execution of paperwork and business correspondence on patent and certificate applications, control of dues and fees payment, prolongation of patents and certificates.
2. Preparation and paperwork on exercise and cession of intellectual property rights:
    - Composition and registration of license contracts and contracts on cession of intellectual property rights;
    - Composition of contracts on commercial concession (franchising);
    - Composition of contracts on confidentiality and commercial (trade) secrets.
3. Protection of intellectual property rights from unfair competition:
    - Pre-trial protection of intellectual property rights;
    - Preparation of expert reports on violation of intellectual property rights;
    - Trial protection of intellectual property rights: composition of lawsuits, participation in trials on violation of intellectual property rights.

4. Legal consultations on patent law and copyright.

5. Representations in commercial and general jurisdiction courts, State Intellectual Property Department, the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property (Ukrpatent), the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the State Customs Service and other organizations in cases connected with intellectual property issues.



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